Level Ultimate
Type Food
Attribute Vaccine
Prior forms Weenerdogmon
Next forms MegaHotdogmon


Yes, my little brother made Hotdogmon, too. I did not.


He looks very very delicious to most people, and when they trie to take a bite out of him, he opens his eyes and whips them with his whips, Nước Sốt Cà Chua Và Mù Tạt (Vietnamese for 'Ketchup and Mustard') that look like ketchup and mustard. He can destroy a planet without even trying. And when he gets angry, you have to go very far away from him, or else he'll pound you into ashes. His attack's names are in Vietnamese.


Nước Sốt Cà Chua Và Mù Tạt (Ketchup and Mustard): He gets out his whips, twirls them together, and then he whips the ground, shooting rocks out of the ground, hitting his enemy.

Moo Bò (Moo Cow): He moos so loud that it pops his opponent's eardrums, making them fall to the ground.

Tối Cao Hot Dog (Supreme Hot Dog): Shoots himself out of his bun and headbutts his enemy, making them spit up blood.