Level Rookie
Type Lesser
Attribute Holly/ Beast
Family Nature Spirits
Next forms Fan:Quaggamon
Partners Silver

Howlmon is the evolved form of fan:Pupmon, Howlmon is a quiet digimon, that doesn't like to express it's feelings to most people, Howlmon is very intelligent in combat, Howlmon is a blue fox digimon, that can stand on two legs, or four, it has two tails, yellow tips at end of its tails with two blue flames glowing from the tips, two yellow dots above both eyes, ninja gloves on both hands, red scarf around its neck, Howlmon is a rival to fan:Kitmon

DNA Digivolving Howlmon is obtained by either digivolving Pupmon at Lvl. 59, or DNA digivolve Renamon, and Gaomon, with both Lvl. 25, has 450+ Spd (Speed), Atk 550+, Spirit 380+, and Friendship 100%


■ Diamond Beam- Sends out a sparkalling beam of diamond at an opponent.

■ Twin Huricane- uses its two tail to summon a huricane at an opponent.

■ Destruction Screech: Sends out massive explosive waves at an opponent.

■ Phoenix Palm: a stronger version of Dragon Inferno starts up by spinning very fast, which causes the flames on its body to erupt into a fiery inferno. This turns the body into a swirling blue flame. When in this state, it summons a mystical dragon, which emerges from its body to destroy its enemies.

■ Dark Vortex: a stronger version of Static Vortex, it creates a vortex by spinning super fast, causing it to create a gravity magnetic flied in the spin, which is used to draw in it's opponents, for a helpless close up attack.

■ Phoenix Inferno: Shoots several black infernos coming from its tails at an opponent.