Title Husk of the Umbra Dragon
Digimon In Name Only
Level Mega
Type ?????
Attribute ?????
Family ?????
Next forms TBA

Not much is known about Huskdramon, as it is effectively a "Digimon In Dame Only" due to it's current state. After it underwent Ultra Digivolution, it's true form separated from it's former body, and thus as a result, all that's left of it's former, Mega Level form is a serpentine, stretched out husk of what had once remained of of the alleged "Umbra Dragon". One of the prominent features about Huskdramon, in addition to it's Digivolved Final Form, is that it completely lacks eyes; it is completely blind on a visual level. It's behavior also suggests that it once had fully functional limbs, which now only remain in the form of holes on it's shell from which it's true body shed from. It's method of undergoing Hyper Evolution, in addition to the fact Huskdramon is essentially the shell of a once fully formed Mega Level Digimon, combined with the fact that Huskdramon completely lacks a DigiCore, allows Huskdramon to live up to it's title as a "Digimon In Name Only". It is believed, however, that Huskdramon and it's immediate next evolution share a form of "hive mind" due to the fact they are still technically one in the same as the other, just separated into two different beings.

Digimon Re: Classic

Huskdramon is the first central antagonist of the first "Movie" chapter, which highlights the latest addition to the Legendary Super Ultimates. However, Huskdramon is not the final antagonist because it is merely the pre-Digivolved form of the main antagonist; Umbradramon. It is believed throughout most of the initial plot that Huskdramon is the "Unauthorized Boss Digimon" in question, due to the fact that Umbradramon's tracking signal originates from Huskdramon; Umbradramon, upon shedding, actually disposed of it's tracking signal by having it left behind in Huskdramon's body. Upon the reveal of Umbradramon's true presence, Huskdramon is destroyed for good.