Level Ultimate
Type Dark Water Serpent
Attribute Virus
Family Deep Savers
Dragon's Roar
Dark Area
Prior forms Goblin-Greymon
Next forms Metal-MasterGreymon

Hydra-Greymon is a Dark water serpent Digimon based on the Lernaean Hydra and the Sea Serpent. After many years of being mistreated as a Goblin-Greymon, it started to show it's true power of a virus type Digimon, and became more aggressive towards other Digimon and will attack almost any Digimon it passes. Having become an Ultimate level Digimon, its body has perfected itself so it can stay under water for as long as it wishes and as deep down as it wants to go. It attacks other Digimon by using its jaws, which can bite through almost anything. Its claws have become razor sharp, allowing it to slice though rocks with one scratch. Its old tail has grown, and become a major threat to most Digimon due to the fact that the tail has small teeth on it, making it razor sharp. It has evolved two more heads on it's body, giving it the power to attack more than one foe at once. The left head shows dread, the middle head is the alpha, and shows pride, while the right head shows anger. During it's next Digivolution, it will lose the two extra heads, but will retain their intelligence and power.