Hydromon is a friendly digimon that was made by his human partner, Jayce Signmorou. Unlike past human-made digimon, such as Guilmon, Hydromon seems to have mostly a regular inteligence level, despite being a "baby". Hydromon's name comes from the word Hydro. He makes friends easily and is a data type.

Digimon: Master Digivolution

Hydromon is a Human-made digimon and was created by his digidestined partner, Jayce Signmorou. Jayce made him by accident after Gamo Knomorio showed Jayce the info on the digimon that crashed his computer. Not knowing what a digimon was, Jayce thought that it would make an interesting videogame and started the design for Hydromon. When Jayce goes to the Digital World a map appears on his digivice, which leads him to Hydromon's digiegg. At that moment Hydromon hatches and the two form their partnership.

More info will be added as the Story Digimon: Master Digivolution progresses.

Hydromon (コロナモン)

Level: Rookie

Attribute: Data

Type: Aquatic Beast Type

Family(s): Deep Savers

Digivolves from: Tapmon

Digivolves to: Wavemon

Appears in: Digimon: Master Digivolution

Partner(s): Jayce Signmorou

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