HyperKabuterimon (Limit Mode)

HyperKabuterimon (Limit Mode)
Level Mega
Type (Ja:) Insect
(En:) Insect Man
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Jungle Troopers
Prior forms Fan:Hyper_Kabuterimon
Next forms none

HyperKabuterimon (Limit Mode) is an Insect Man Digimon whose body is covered by a platinum colored digizoid armor that cover half of it's old armor that is shown cracked. It digivolved with the data of Kabuterimon digimon. It Hyper Buster change into Exceed Buster Gun mode and Exceed Buster Beetlexcalibur. Its body radiates in red, black, and gray, the flight ability of him is increase having an ability to fly on a SuperLight Speed called Break Mach Speed. He is feared for his speed and power.


  • Exceed Cyclone Blast: Gather his energy in his gun and shot a red, blue, black, purple and green combined color powerfull limit breaking blast that could destroy a mountain
  • Exceed Typhoon Slash: Gather his energy in his Exceed Buster Beetlexcalibur and slash the enemy with a powerful limit breaking Typhoon powered slash
  • Exceed Kabutekick: Focusing all of his energy at his legs and fly toward his enemy and utilize a powerful "storm powered" kick
  • Break Mach Speed: Fly at the speed of Superlight with all of his might


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