Hyper Hydramon
Level Lord
Type Warrior
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Fan:Lordramon+Fan:Thundergarurumon+Fan:Hydramon 3
Next forms Fan:Titan Hydramon

Hyper Hydramon is a large digimon who has equal power to Imperialdramon Dragon Mode and Omnimon. He has the combined minds of Lordramon, Thundergarurumon and Hydramon 3, making him brave, intelligent and balanced. Though he does have all of their characteristics, he also has Hydramon's dark heart. He has two swords from two of Hyrdamon's heads, Thundergarurumon's cannon and Lordramon's two massive lances.


Stone Saber: Uses the power of stone in his swords.

Aqua Saber: Uses the power of water in his swords.

Thunder cannon: Uses Thundergarurumon's cannons with the power of thunder.

Burning Joust: Uses the element of fire with his lance.

Power Fists: Uses his fists to destroy anything in front of him.