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I, Sakkakumon
(Oikoma reta! No me no sefirotomon!)
"Trapped! In the Eyes of Sephirotmon!"

I, Sakkakumon is the eigth episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Nicky's young friend Ricky creates a virtual reality machine that he plans on entering in the science fair. Ricky & the DigiDestined are on their way to the competition when they are ambushed by Claymon in the park. The DigiDestined are able to fend off the Claymon without too much trouble & continue with Ricky to the Youth Center.

Lilithmon wants Ricky's machine & summons Sakkakumon after Wisemon's recommendation. Sakkakumon's sole mission is to capture the smartest children & steal their intelligence.

At the Youth Center, Brick & Stick's antics cause Ricky to indirectly be disqualified from the competition. Ricky goes off by himself to the park & the others follow after him. Sakkakumon's giant main eye appears & captures Ricky, leaving behind only his hat. Ricky is transported to the world inside Sakkakumon's main eye. Taylor, Spencer, & Nicky look for Nicky in the area, but only find his hat at the pond. Carly & Maggie regroup with the other three. They all suspect that Lilithmon's the cause of this & go to Seraphimon.

At the Command Center, Seraphimon tells the DigiDestined about Sakkakumon & the kids summon their Digimon. The DigiDestined confront Sakkakumon (sans main eye) & Etemon at some hill area. The Digi-Blaster blows Sakkakumon up, but the eyes reform into the Digimon. He blasts the DigiDestined & they fall down to the bottom of a hill. Seraphimon alerts Nicky that the main eye is in the forest. The remaining four keep Sakkakumon busy.

Nicky uses the Digi-Lance against the main eye, weakening the rest of the Digimon. Lilithmon makes Sakkakumon grow & DinoOmnimon battles the giant. It shatters into individual eyes, but again reforms. DinoOmnimon's Digi-Sword finally kills Sakkakumon & Nicky is freed.

The group & Ricky goes back to the Youth Center. Nicky returns Ricky's hat & Hojo & Ricky's professor both are playing Ricky's VR game. The professor apologizes for overreacting for something that wasn't Ricky's fault & he awards him the first prize. Brick & Stick show up in towels after day's earlier mishaps, & ask for their clothes back from the makeover machine. Maggie & Carly grant their request & hand over their washed but now shrunken clothes.

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