iX Chronicles is a fan-made Digimon story featuring the iX Program, an upgrade of the X-Antibody. It revolves around seven kids and their Digimon. It also features the DigiMemories from Digimon Next as well as DigiXros. There are four main groups in the story:


iX Ark: The iX Ark is a group working to stop Yggdrasil from wiping out all Digimon without the iX Program.

Memory Holders: The Memory Holders are a pair of Digimon Tamers who try to stop Omnimon from taking the DigiMemories and destroying any he deems unworthy.


Yggdrasil Army: An army of iX Digimon lead by Yggdrasil working to destroy all non-iX Digimon. The main enemies to the iX Ark.

Memory Wipers: The main enemies to the Memory Holders lead by Omnimon who try to steal the DigiMemories. They all eventually are given the iX Program and join Yggdrasil Army.

iX Chronicles Wiki

Yes, iX Chronicles has its own wiki. Click here>> [1] to go to it.

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