I call on, digimon is the first episode of the first season Fan:Digimon X


One day at the school stage, Rick is repeating his line "Juliet, I'm here." because he was nervous that Juliet was played by Julie (his crush). Meanwhile Eric was practicing shooting his arrows at a dummy yet misses and it hits the curtain causing it to fall on the stage. Emily is painting the fake castle. Yet the school bell rings and they go home and a small "dog" runs into a bush. The next morning they are walking when Eric sees a dog then Eric asked Rick for his Peanut Butter Cups which he gives to the little dog who calls himself Fan:Dorimon(X). He goes into Rick's backpack just to eat more food when they got to school they hid Dorimon in Rick's locker. The teacher said that today is the night of the talent show and that this is the last rehearsel. Emily noctices that there is a hole in Rick's costume and tells him to go get another costume while she sews it back up. Rick then sees Dorimon near a Digital portal. Rick's curiousity gets the better of him as he touches the Digiportal and two more pop up and go bring Emily and Eric to the Digital world along with Rick. Eric finds himself in the face of small, blue dinosaur-like monster named Veemon who V-headbutted him to get out of his way, Eric reacted to that by telling him not to do that to people or monsters and starts to lecture him but gets interrupted by Devimon. Rick then meets Agumon who is surprised to see a human in the Digital World and Rick tells him some jokes. Emily sees a bouncy ball rolling towards her she catches it and walks to the bushes where it emerged and sees a big red dinosaur named Guilmon who looked like he could eat her but instead of eating her he asked for his ball back. Emily also found Dorimon with him, she asked if Dorimon knew the red dinosaur and Guilmon asked Dorimon if he knew the human. Dorimon said yes to both but he also said to both of them "At least you have a new friend." and Emily starts to play with Guilmon. Then in Apollomon's war room he sees the two other humans and decides to make Devimon to grow into a giant monster. Find out what happens to them in the next episode!

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