Ian Kudou
(Kudou Ian)
Ian Kudou (Season 2)
Appears in:Super Digimon Xros Wars
First appearance "A New Xros Heart is born" [01]
Voice actor(s):Brian Beacock
Digivice(s):X Loader
Trait(s):Hope, Courage and Sincerity
Age 12
Date of birth January 16th
Grade 6th
Gender Male
Known relatives Taiki Kudou father, Akari Kudou mother, Maria Kudou younger sister
Nationality Japanese Jp flag
Occupation Novelist, artist and basketball player

Ian is the general of Blue Xros Heart. He is also the older brother of Maria Kudou. Ian loves to draw and he created the Digimon "Flamemon" (Similar to how Takato made Guilmon). Ian's favorite sport is basketball. Ian always seems to hang out with his little sister Maria and there friend CeCe Amano Ian had a crush on CeCe.

After a girl named Jeri Hikari joins B.X.H (Blue Xros Heart) Ian gets a crush on her. Ian's X Loader is blue (hence the name "Blue Xros Heart".) Ian's ideas to "Go for it and hope for the best" plans are often his best plans and Jeri tells him that's crazy but she's really saying to "Go for it". Ian can never leave a friend in need, he can never see bad in people unless they hurt someone. Some fans say Ian is a "Xros Wars" version of Takato. Ian and Takato are very similar not only in personality, creating there Digimon but also in appearance there clothes are near the same they have the same Goggles (They also share the same voice actor and they are the same age).

Some time before the beginning of the show Taiki gave Ian his own pair of goggles saying that kids who wear them have "Hope and Courage". Ian fells like his army are not only friends but also a 2nd family. while in the human world Ian makes a flag with there army symbol. (The symbol is Flamemon's face without dots in his eyes and a mouth. Just like Xros Heart's flag). Ian wants to see the Digital World free from SkullKnightmon and his army. Ian near always says "Moumantai". After the final battle the army returns to their normal lives for 2 months, then 1 of the Digital Knight attacks and Ian who is mad that the Digital world is in danger again he uses Omnimon's DigiMemory and is sent back to the Digital World, (But not before Omnimon engraves the Blue Xros Heart symbol on his shirt) and meets up with Flamemon, Patamon and Sparrowmon to fight the Digital Knights and met up with Grademon who joins them, and later Jeri and Lillymon enter the fray.


File:Crest of Courage.png Courage File:Crest of Hope.png Hope File:Crest of Sincerity.png Sincerity

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