Ian Parks
(イアン アイク Ian Ike)
Appears in:Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers
Mighty Morphin' Digi-Hunters
Mighty Morphin' Digi-Ninjas
Digi-Rangers Zeo
Turbo: A Digi-Rangers Movie
Digi-Rangers Turbo
Digi-Ranger Digi Thunder
Digi-Rangers Operation Overdrive
Digi-Rangers Super Samurai
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Makoto Tsumura
(En:) Brian Beacock
Digivice(s):Digi-Ranger Digivice
Trait(s):Ultimax (MMPR-MMPN)
★ (Zeo)
Red Racer (Turbo)
Brachiosaurus (Digi Thunder)
Age 18
Grade 10th
Gender Male
Known relatives Unknown divorced parents
Dan Parks (twin brother)
unnamed younger sister
Adam Parks (cousin, dub only)
Sonia Parks (wife)
Cassie Thompson (younger sister in law)
Nationality Japanese

Ian Parks (イアン アイク Ian Ike?) is a fanfictional character in the Digi-Rangers series.



He lived with his twin brother Dan, and their younger sister, before their sister was given up for adoption and their parents got divorced.


Prior to his first appearance, Ian was brought up in one episode when Dan was talking about his family.

"Dark Digi-Ranger" arc

Ian arrived and town and his brother, Dan was the first one to find out his brother was being controlled by Lilithmon to be the Silver Ranger. He was sent into a arena to fight Stingmon, without Shoutmon.

Dan is brought back to the others, and uses DefenderShoutmon to stop Arresterdramon and frees Ian, allowing him to join the team as the 6th Ranger.

"Silver Candle"

When Ian and the others found out about Ian's Digi-Armor's power being drained, Dan tried hard to save his powers, but he ran out of time and most of the Silver Power left Ian.


When Bagramon came he created a new world in-between the Earth and Digital World, called the DigiQuartz. The Digimon gained new powers, and the team began jobs as Digi-Rangers Hunters. They were given a new set of rules due to Bagramon's manipulation of the new world.

"A saddened Ranger"

Ian sends his brother a later received a letter saying not to worry and to keep on being a great leader.

"Sky-Blue Power"

Dan and the others found out Ian was returning home, so they prepared a party for him, but Bagramon attacked. Also Seraphimon and Kokuwamon disappeared. Jason later finds out they're modifying Ian's old armor to make a new Ranger, alongside with saving Gumdramon.

The team felt confused and saddened by this fact, saying that Ian should be the new Ranger. But Jason tells them even if it isn't Ian, they need help. They arrive at the Digi-Center, to meet the Sky-Blue Ranger, who turns out to be none other then Ian.

"Rangers Exposed"

Three new kids, Charlie Rock, Adam Parks and Mary Duncan coming from the neighboring city arrived in town, to compete in a competition, they win, and end up catching the eye of Bagaramon.

Stingmon captures them, and later Ian, Sonia and Jason go to rescue them, but Jason gets injured, he takes off his helmet, but Charlie, Adam and Mary end up seeing who he is.

The three are brought to the Digi-Center and swear never to tell who the Digi-Ranger really are.



Sonia manages to get an application to a famous gymnastic school, but it's in America. Meaning Sonia would leave him. Ian didn't want to stop Sonia from pressuring her dreams. He later regrets that choice.