(アイスグレイモン IceGreymon)
Level Ultimate
Type Ice Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Nature Spirits
Metal Empire
Virus Busters
Dragon's Roar
Prior forms SnowGreymon
* (w/ Beast Spirit of Ice)
Next forms IceWargreymon
* (w/BurningGurumon)
Imperialdramon Paladin Mode
* (w/ all Human Spirits)
Partners None Yet

IceGreymon is the digivolved form of SnowGreymon. It resembles MetalGreymon, however it is covered in crystalline ice and not chrome digizoid. This lowers its defenses somewhat, but doubles its speed. It is in its nature to freeze over industrial areas then take up residence in the heart of them, sleeping deeply until something tries to challenge it.


  • Tundra Warhead: Launches two fish-shaped ice missiles from its chest, freezing anything in their area of effect.
  • Mega Claw: Launches its tethered ice claw off its arm to slash or wrap up enemies.
  • Ice Age Cannon: Breaths a large torrent of icy flame at his foes.
  • Azure Eyes: Shoots freezing energy beams out of his eyes.
  • Impossible Ocean: Causes a circular tsunami to spread out around him, pulverizing whatever it comes into contact with.

Variations / Subspecies