Appears in:Digimon Cinematic Sagas
First appearance Digimon: The Third World [M3]
Last appearance Digimon: Judgement Code [M9]
Partner(s):Dan Linwood
Wei Xueqi

Imperialdramon is a name for two fictional characters and Digimon from the fanfictional Digimon Cinematic Sagas. He is best known as one of the two leaders of the Guardian Knights.

Original Imperialdramon

Original Imperialdramon appeared only in the Arc 1 of DigiPast Chronicles. He was one of the mysterious Digimon who had no physical form. Along with Omegamon, he tasked to collect the fourteen Guardian Knights to fulfill their destiny and defeat the Seven Great Demon Lords. The first three recruits were Gankoomon, Duftmon ja Craniummon. By the year 1986, they had found the fourteenth and final recruit: Huckmon.

After some training, they introduced themselves to younger recruits and gave them a mission to find the important artifacts and complete certain protection spells for preparation of the final battle. In 1990, when all the preparations were ready, the recruits left the Temple of the Guardian Knights. When the Great Demon Lords attacked the temple, Imperialdramon and Omegamon left the Temple behind and fused their data inside four recruits: Veemon, Wormmon, Agumon and Gabumon, making them leaders of the Guardian Knights.

Guardian Knight Imperialdramon

Veemon and Wormmon were originally among the most skilled of the youngest recruits of the Guardian Knights. Since their data was closest to that of Imperialdramon, they were chosen to have Omegamon as their most powerful form in Digivolution. It was during the final battle against the Seven Great Demon Lords when Veemon and Wormmon DNA Digivolved from their respective Champion forms (ExVeemon and Stingmon) into Paildramon which Digivolved into Imperialdramon with three different forms: Dragon Mode, Fighter Mode and Paladin Mode. After the battle was won, Imperialdramon and the other Guardian Knights had to sacrifice themselves and be reborn without their memories to dispel the protective but captivating protection spell from five Digimon who came to be known as the Digimon Sovereigns.

Some time after the year 2005, Veemon and Wormmon were chosen to become the Partner Digimon of Daniel "Dan" Linwood and Wei Xueqi. But their memories about their former life were lost, until the events of Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2 when they Digivolved into Imperialdramon Paladin Mode once again.

In Digimon: Judgement Code, Omegamon and Imperialdramon were sent to assist the Tamers in the final battle against D-Reaper. They dealt with the powerful ADR's (Agents of D-Reaper) and damaged D-Reaper's main body significantly in order to give Gallantmon time to save Mei Yashida. When the effect of the Red Card wore off earlier due to a programming error and the Partner Digimon were forced to De-Digivolve, they witnessed how Tatsuya and Guilmon managed to use the remaining data of the White Card to shut down D-Reaper.


Dragon Mode

Imperialdramon Dragon Mode is a Mega Level Digimon who is the Digivolved form of Paildramon.

In Digimon: The Third World, Paildramon DNA Digivolved into Imperialdramon Dragon Mode after receiving that ability from an orb of light shown to the DigiDestined by Gennai. Along with, WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon, they fought against BelialVamdemon. BelialVamdemon wasn't even wounded, since the Demon Lord Digimon fed itself with sadness and anger of the DigiDestined caused by the Mental Illusion. After the DigiDestined broke free from the curse, WarGreymon and the other two Mega Level Digimon were able to destroy BelialVamdemon's body, while Martin Harmon killed both Vamdemon's spirit and himself.

In Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 1, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode arrived into Los Angeles to save most of the main group of the DigiDestined from the Chaotic Masters and took them to Hong Kong where Dan and Wei were waiting for them. In the battle against SkullSatamon, Imperialdramon was temporarily immobilized. But after Robert Harmon arrived, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode was able to move again and changed into the Fighter Mode.

In Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2, Imperialdramon fought initially in his Dragon Mode against Machinedramon's forces, but was forced to change his form when facing Machinedramon himself. Dragon Mode also served as a temporary before facing Piemon in the worldwide battle.


  • Mega Death: Fires super-massive dark matter, swallowing everything within a dark space and completely annihilating everything within a radius of a few hundred meters around the impact-point of the dark matter.
  • Positron Laser: Fires a huge blast of positronic energy from the Positron Laser.
  • Splendor Blade: Slashes with its claw.

Fighter Mode

Imperialdramon Fighter Mode is an alternate form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode. The Fighter Mode gives Imperialdramon Dragon Mode a more human shape. It is also said that his fighting power is tripled.

In Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 1, Imperialdramon Dragon Mode was immobilized by SkullSatamon's attacks. Robert Harmon managed to make Imperialdramon Dragon Mode able to move again, and awaken its ability to change into Fighter Mode. In Fighter Mode, Imperialdramon was able to easily defeat SkullSatamon.

In Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2, Imperialdramon changed into Fighter Mode when facing Machinedramon. WarGreymon had already scratched him, but Imperialdramon Fighter Mode was the one to finish the powerful Machin Digimon. Imperialdramon also changed to its Fighter Mode, while facing Piemon in the worldwide battle, and while trying to fight against Apocalymon.


  • Positron Laser: Fires a huge blast of positronic energy from the Positron Laser.
  • Giga Death: Inserts the Positron Laser into the dragon-face on its chest, then emits all of its body's energy as a destructive energy wave with ten times the power of "Mega Death".
  • Splendor Blade: Manifests a sword of light from its gauntlet and slashes down at the opponent.

Paladin Mode

Imperialdramon Paladin Mode is the most powerful alternate form of Imperialdramon Dragon Mode.

In Digimon: Digitaclysm – Part 2, thanks to the combined powers of all eleven Crests and 41 Digivices that existed back then, Imperialdramon was able to change to its Paladin Mode once again and therefore regained all of their past memories. Along with Omegamn, Imperialdramon Paladin Mode destroyed most of Apocalymon's tentacles and purified all the corrupted Digimon spirits who had joined Apocalymon. Imperialdramon Paladin Mode De-Digivolved back into Veemon and Wormmon, once the seal preventing the Great Demon Lords from ever returning was recreated.


  • Omega Sword: Cuts the opponent in two with a single stroke of the Omega Sword, resetting and clearing their configuration data.
  • Positron Laser: Fires the Positron Laser.


Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was known as the founder of the Royal Knights in Digimon mythology, but some of the lesser Digivolution forms of other members were never revealed. Therefore, the two different Imperialdramon characters were created: the original Imperialdramon as the master to the students, and the Guardian Knight member as the strongest form of Veemon and Wormmon.