Imperialdramon Fallen Mode is evil version of Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. Now he has gray armor, with some bones attached to it. His wings are now completely black and tattered. He has long, bone-like claws and segmented tail. Also his mask is now different, with two giant fangs protrunding from his lower jaw. His chest is marked with Digital Hazard. It is said, that Digimon is reincarnation of pure fear.


This Digimon came to life, when Imperialdramon Paladin Mode was infected by Digital Hazard. While Paladin Mode wanted to protect the Digital World, Fallen Mode wants to destroy it. He wields blade of terror called "Grand Death" and use to it to manifest fear in his foes. It is said that whenever his "Death Star" is launched, one universe dies.


  • Level:Mega
  • Type:Wicked Dragon Digimon
  • Attribute:Virus
  • Family:Unknown, Dragon's Roar

Special Attacks

  • Electron Laser—He shots negative energy beam from cannon on his right arm.
  • Grand Death—He uses his sword to pulverize enemies.
  • Death Star—Transforms his "Grand Death" blade into massive cannon, then shots powerfull beam loaded with Digital Hazard's energy. This attack is able to completely destroy the world.


This Fan Digimon was made by Final_Cannon.

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