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Partners Dylan Reily

This page details the Impmon partnered to Dylan in Digimon Battle Arena. For the partner of Alex, see Yaamon (Digimon Battle Arena)


Impmon is one of the two partners of Dylan Reily.


  • Badda-Boom (Night of Fire): Creates a small fire ball at his finger tips then hurls it at the opponent.
  • Dark Fire: Attacks with a small ball of fire from the abyss.
  • Infernal Funnel (Summon): Creates two rings of fire, one within the other, and creates a sphere of fire from the ring, which he then hurls at the target.

Other forms

The name "Impmon" refers to only the rookie form of this digimon. Throughout the series, Impmon gains the ability to digivolve into other more powerful forms (with different names).

  • Yaamon

Yaamon is Impmon's In-Training form. He acts very childish in this form, but is still a prankster. He is able to become either Impmon or ExImpmon.

Yaamon t

  • ExImpmon

ExImpmon is a mysterious form of Impmon with more powerful attacks. He has yet to be seen in the series.


  • FlaWizarmon

Impmon's Champion form gives him even more firepower (literally) with his flaming attacks. He becomes even more cunning and dangerous, occasionally lighting others on fire for no apparent reason.

FlaWizarmon t

  • Baalmon

With its evolution, Baalmon has become reasonably more calm. His cool demeanor is deceptive. He is able to get close to a Digimon before landing a fatal strike.


  • Beelzemon

Upon his new evolution, Beelzemon initially goes out of control, destroying everything around him. After Dylan manages to calm him, he becomes a powerful fighter. With the power of his Berenjena weapons and his trusty motorcycle, Behemoth, he is able to ride into action.

Beelzemon b

Unique attacks

  • Rider's Passion

Summons Behemoth from a Digital gate. He then uses it as a form of transportation. Beelzemon rider

  • Beelzemon Blast Mode

The form Impmon attains via ExImpmon. When he rides Behemoth, it becomes a hoverbike.

Beelzemon Blast Mode t