The Insect Lair is a spider web kingdom in the Digital World. It is ruled by DinoBeemon, but founded by the cruel HerculesKabuterimon. Unlike other armies, the Insect Lair is focused on destroying the Plant Kingdom.


  • Brianna Doyle: She is the Digimon partner of Kunemon. She holds the Crest of Obedience and is manipulated to do whatever HerculesKabuterimon says without fail. She is noted to have a crush on Lucien Leroy.
  • DinoBeemon: The Leader of the Insect Lair. He treats Brianna as a pawn too, but... unlike HerculesKabuterimon, he seems to feel pained for doing this to Brianna and tends to apologize whenever he has to harm her. Although he does treat her cruelly, when Lucien Leroy and Seadramon and Emory Yoshida and Ikkakumon sought to destroy him, Brianna refused to let them, saying that DinoBeemon was "always kind" to her... hinting that they might have had some bonding moments.
  • MegaKabuterimon (Blue): The Second-in-command of the Insect Lair. MegaKabuterimon thinks that DinoBeemon shows too much kindness towards humans and other Digimon and tries to destroy him, ending up being destroyed by Okuwamon.
  • Stingmon: The "Guards" of the Insect Lair. Stingmon protect the lair. When Emory Yoshida and Lucien Leroy and their Digimon came to the Insect Lair, they were attacked by Stingmon.
  • Tentomon: Tentomon often roam around the Insect Lair. One Tentomon was seen Digivolving to Yanmamon, it is unknown if all these Tentomon Digivolve to Yanmamon.
  • Kuwagamon: Kuwagamon is a fearsome Digimon who will attack anyone. His knows attacks are Scissors Claw and Trap Scissors.
  • Snimon: Snimon are the chefs for the Insect Lair. They are extremely good with cutting things because of their scythe-like arms.

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