Introducing New Friends, is a crossover fanfic story written by me, Blasterknight, that is a sort of my idea on what would happen after the D-Reaper, how the Tamers reunite with their partners, meet new allies and new enemies, and a new evil.

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Original Tamers

New Tamers

  • Ben Gales - The only 14 year-old boy of the new Tamers, and his partner is a Gomamon.
  • Jasmine Blake - A 13 year-old girl that can sense the presence of any evil and any good. Her partner is a Palmon.
  • Tien Blake - The other 13 year-old girl of the new Tamers, is the identical twin sister of Jasmine, and a Biyomon is her partner.


Major Antagonist

Minor Antagonists

  • VirusCentaurmon - Was once Vaccinemon, but became evil when Lucemon inserted a virus into him, he returned back to his good self after he was defeated.
  • Datamon - Lucemon's scientist, no battles were fought against him.
  • Puppetmon - First Digimon that wasn't under mind control that Lucemon sent against the Tamers and Seekers.
  • Myotismon - The Digimon sent by Lucemon after Puppetmon was defeated.
  • Cherubimon - An evil Digimon who tried to stop the Tamers and Seekers after Myotismon failed. However, the virus that was making him evil was defeated after his good side was able to show and tell Takato as Gallantmon Crimson Mode to destroy him.


  • Alice wasn't originally a Tamer, but a friendship between her and Dobermon was shown.