These are the ten ancient digimon which lived before the creation of the digital world . They exist only in the mythical books and are not really digimon , but invincible beings . They are :-

  • Fennecmon- A fox / cat like digimon which is the creator of Flame .
  • Sharkmamon- A mermaid digimon with shark like fins and the creator of Water .
  • Thoromon- A Torosaurus type digimon with a hammer who is the creator of Thunder .
  • Entmon- A plant like digimon who is the creator of Wood .
  • Cyborgmon- A frog like robotic digimon who is the creator of Steel .
  • Halomon- A digimon made entirely of blinding light and the creator of Light .
  • Hailmon- A hooved eskimo like digimon with ice blades on its arms and ice horns on its head who is the creator of Ice .
  • Gravadramon- A digimon who resembles a black-hole and is the creator of Darkness .
  • Albatromon- A bird like digimon who is the creator of Air .
  • Punchmon- A giant digimon , who is like a mountain with crab like pincers and is the creator of Earth .

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