Anubismon vg
Level Ultimate
Attribute Virus
Family Unknown
Prior forms Tempestmon
Next forms AncientKazemon

Irimon is the Ultimate form of Tempestmon. Its name is derived from Iris, the Greek goddess of rainbows and messages. It appears as a beautiful maiden, with a robe that is said to contain a million of the most brilliant colors. It is rumoured to have a hidden third eye atop its forehead with which it watches over all the digital world using the sunlight as its source. Although it is often mistaken for a vaccine type because of its beauty, it is indeed a virus. It has renounced all other virus types and their destructive ways and now aids the angelic Digimon in protecting the digital world. It is also rumored that Irimon was the Digimon that summoned nine of the ten legendary warriors to destroy the evil Digimon Lucemon. It is known as the Goddess Of Judgment in the digital world.


  • Divine Light: Uses the power from its own heart to create a light that engulfs and destroys all dark Digimon within sight.
  • Ancient Message: Irimon is able to store a message by another digimon and deliver it to them once they have been reborn.
  • Swift Judgment: Uses its third eye to look into a creatures very soul to place a just judgment upon that creature.
  • Trident Arrowhead: An attack which is similar to Celestial Arrow, except that the arrow is green and has three heads.