Isaac was playing in his garden when a meteorite fell at his foot. A digivice floated into his hands. He then went inside to play on the computer when the digivice activated and sucked him in to the Digital World.

Isaac sat on a branch on a tree and sighed. But then a Kuwugamon came flying and knocked Isaac out of the tree. Before He knew it he was in the hands of a DemiVeemon! The DemiVeemon introduced himself and Isaac told him about Kuwugamon. But out of nowhere a Greymon was charging towards Isaac. Then Isaac touched a button on the digivice. DemiVeeon Was Digivolving! Veemon then started to digivolve again into........ ExVeemon! After defeating Greymon Isaac saw a portal, picking up a degenerated DemiVeemon, He went through the portal back to the real world just to see an Angemon destroying everything in sight

Demiveemon digivolved to ExVeemon and went for Angemon. Suddenly the Digi Egg of Miracles shone above Northampton and Veemon Armour Digivolved to Magnamon! It was a long fight but unfortunately their power clashed and destroyed Northampton. Angemon was defeated and Veemon was pleased but Isaac was mad. He told Veemon he never wanted to see him again and ran off crying.............................. TO BE CONTINUED

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