It Came From Tokyo is the twenty-third episode of Digimon Zeo, making it the one-hundred-&-seventy-eighth episode of the Digimon Mighty Squadron saga. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Liam stays late at school one night to study, but is distracted by a favorite old monster movie of his. When a black cat runs in to the room, Liam chases it, only for it to lead him to Lilithmon & Tactimon, standing in the darkened hallway of the high school. They tell him that while he slept, the Machine Empire took over the planet & brainwashed his friends. His only hope is to obtain the cape of a vampire (which he steals from Alex), the hair of a werewolf (stolen from Cody), the wrap of a mummy (stolen from Brick), & the eye of a cat (an Egyptian eye pendant stolen from Mia), & bring it to a powerful wizard who will only allow someone of good to stand before him. Along the way, he runs into Kokuwamon & Nicky who have genetically re-engineered Laura into a zombie bride.

Finally reaching the wizard, Seraphimon reveals himself to be Seraphicus, a powerful wizard who tries to force Liam to choose one of his friends to fight a Machine Empire Digimon. Liam accidentally chooses Alex, who, with Zhuqiaomon, defeats the Digimon easily. Liam demands that Seraphicus revert the world to normal, but not before Seraphicus reveals himself to actually be King Drasil inside Seraphimon's plasma tube. Hagurumon other Digimon infiltrate the Digi-Chamber, attacking Liam, who finally is woken up by the other DigiDestined, who came back to school in the morning to find him asleep on a sofa in the study room.

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