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Itsy Bitsy Spider

Itsy Bitsy Spider is the twenty-third episode of the first season of Digimon Mighty Squadron. This content is used from the Power Rangers wiki.


Carly & Nicky are at school trying to get signatures to save the Spirit Statue, which the city council wants to replace with a barbecue pit. According to legend, the statue is said to protect people from harmful insects. Spencer mentions his fear of spiders. Brick & Stick unleash a horde of insects on Carly & Nicky's audience.

That night, Etemon, Grumblemon, & some Claymon steal the Spirit Statue from its place in the park.

Nicky shows the others his mouse at school the next day. Brick & Stick want to play another prank, but the mouse crawls up Stick's leg.

Wisemon creates Dokugumon & plans on hiding it inside a duplicate of the Spirit Statue. Then it will be put back in the park. Along with it are moths made of sleeping powder.

The teens minus Spencer go in the woods to find insects to replace the ones lost at the petition rally. Claymon attack the four before running away. Elsewhere at Spencer's hip hop kido class, the students are put to sleep by the moths. Spencer runs to the Spirit Statue for safety from the moths. He can tell that it's a fake because rather than flowers in the statue's hair, there are snakes. Spencer summons his Digimon Mammothmon & blasts the statue with his DigiAxe. From the debris rises Dokugumon. MadLeomon assists the Digimon in fighting Spencer.

The other four DigiDestined come to help Spencer, but all five get spun in Dokugumon's web. Lilithmon makes the Digimon grow & DinoOmnimon is summoned. Dokugumon immobilizes DinoOmnimon, causing the DigiDestined to have to disassemble back into their respective Digimon. Mammothmon's icy spray temporarily freezes Dokugumon, but it shakes free & blasts the Digimon.

Alex is contacted & he goes to help. BattleCoredramon is formed & it kills Dokugumon. Spencer returns to his students. The city council decides not to destroy the Spirit Statue & declare it a historical landmark. Alex puts a rubber spider on Spencer's shoulder & Spencer then panics before realizing that it's fake.

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  • Spencer: Alright. You mess with my friends & I'm going to mess with you! You're going to see what Mammothmon power's all about! Let's see how you like my deep freeze!