Jadedramon (2014)
Title Jade Aurora
Level Super Ultimate
Type Light Dragon
Attribute Virus
Family Nightmare Soldiers
Dark Area

"In the sharp fragment of your heart...

Everything freezes piece by piece...

From the singing of your revenant roar...

Your shadow in the stars fades away...

If you just give way into grief like this...

Even I won't recognize you anymore..."

Ever since days of old, Grandis had apparently forgotten something very important regarding Brondramon and Cobaldramon; there used to exist a third Legendary Dramon that existed for just as long as the other two powerhouses. As a Legendary Super Ultimate, Jadedramon went under the most revamped design out of the recycled designs from before the cataclysm. Jadedramon went under heavy revision and thought process to the point that Jadedramon absorbed the X-Antibody into it's digicore, thus changing in shape much more drastically than Brondramon and Cobaldramon did when they were reborn. A majority of Jadedramon's body is now a living, jade colored aurora, and it's Ice motif hasn't been lost either. When Jadedramon was recreated, however, it never showed up even when Brondramon and Cobaldramon were in a clash, even though Jadedramon is meant to be the one who interferes and forces them to cease fighting. This led to the idea that Jadedramon has been Missing In Action for an untold amount of time, and thus Jadedramon was listed as Deceased when nobody could find out where it was located. Out of all of the Digimon to exist, Jadedramon is the stuff of myths and rumors when it comes down to so much as hinting as to the thing's existence, and nobody will believe you for the supposed "Return of Jadedramon"... Though even then, though, nobody is willing to risk the possibilities that a Digimon as dangerous is this is not only alive and well, but apparently having somehow infiltrated Yggdrasill's domain now that the only Royal Knight that remains is no longer loyal to her. What exactly does this... abomination, wish to accomplish now that it has essentially returned from the dead?