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Jaden Narukame
(ジャデン鳴神 Narukame Jaden)
Voice actor(s):Miguel Portella
Age 13
Gender Male
Known relatives Mr.e Mrs. Narukame
Nationality Brazilian
Occupation Student
GD Officer (Guardions of Digimon)
Digital World Enforcer (Epilogue)

Jaden is a 13 year old boy who likes digimon more than anything, but one day surprised by a strange and large egg, the egg hatched that night and from there came a digimon called Roarmon (It's form of a dragon with angel wings. He can change form (up to a human)), holding in his hand a red called digivice ΩDigivice Burst Red (digivice which has the function of all digivice ever invented (to xros loader), plus a few extras) giving him powers equal to your digimon.

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