James Tanner
James Tanner
Appears in:Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2
Partner(s):Keramon (No Virus)
Age 16
Gender Male
Known relatives Nathan Tanner
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Nationality American

James Tanner is a main character in Fan:Digimon Tamers: V2.

James is a typical high school nerd who loves digimon. His favorite digimon has always been Diaboromon. He is usually shy and nervous, but kind-hearted.


James Tanner Digivice

James' Digivice

Digimon Tamers: V2

James is a main character in Fan: Digimon Tamers: V2. He first appeares in his room, upset about being harrased by his brother and other bullies.

Keramon comes out of his computer and is going to attack him, when a lightning bolt strikes Keramon and he reverts to a digiegg.

James gets on a train to find his parents when he is attacked by a strange man and his digimon. Alexis comes and kills the man and his digimon.

Later she explains how that man was a cultist and all about what the cultist are. She also teaches him how to use DigiModify Cards.

He joins a team with her and her boyfriend Allen and their partners Turuiemon and BlackAgumon.

He, a newly hatched Keramon, Alexis, Turuiemon, Allen and BlackAgumon, join forces with Hypnos to enter the Digital World and find the location of the cult.

Digimon Academy

James appears in a fight with another student after the first day of school.

He appears once again in the fight with Belphemon.

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