Jason Freeman
Jason Freeman
Appears in:Digimon Classic
First appearance Chapter 1: Meet the Team Act 4
Digivice(s):Maroon and Gray
Age 26
Date of birth April 4th, 1987
Gender Male
Nationality United States (African)
Occupation Hero of Wisdom
Team Linebacker
Aliases Charger (By Taro, Max, and Solomon)
Scary Freight Train (By Jim)
The Big Guy (By Rumble)
Locomon's Linebacker (By anybody about to be tackled by this guy and lucky enough to see him beforehand)

Jason can be seen as two entirely different people. On one side, he's nice, gentle, and knows what to do in terms of what solution is the best. On the other side, however, if you happen to be on the enemy lines, and you're not a towering giant of a Digimon who can shrug off such a hit, you're bound to first see this guy charging right at you at full force to the point you will both have no time to react and by flattened to the ground. Note to any enemies who don't know him, if you see a random Football laying out in the open, DO. NOT. GO NEAR IT. Unless you are absolutely stupid and DO go near it, you'll be charged into the ground by him. If you survive the blow, you'll be saying hello to his little friend. Literally. Everybody in the group fears this guy, except for his younger sister Marsh, and so much as insulting her in any way will surely get you tackled into the ground until you are mere dust. While he is very smart since he used to play football in College long before Earth's destruction, and being the most feared on his team, any sign of a Football in anybody's hand is surely enough to get said person dead as it ignites his obvious rage and passion for Football.

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