Jason Rider
(ジェイソン レイダー Jason Raider)
Appears in:Mighty Morphin' Digi-Rangers
Mighty Morphin' Digi-Hunters
Mighty Morphin' Digi-Ninjas
Digi-Rangers Zeo
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Aoyama Touko
(En:) Steven Blum
Digivice(s):Digi-Ranger Digivice
Age 18
Grade 10th
Gender Male
Known relatives Unknown parents
Nationality Japanese

Jason Rider (ジェイソン レイダー Jason Raider?) is a fanfictional character in the Digi-Rangers series.



He was a straight "A" student, he meets his friends though unknown means.


Jason was chosen to a Digi-Rangers, by Seraphimon. Veemon is his partner. He always makes things to help the Digi-Rangers. Like communicators with the power to teleport the Digi-Rangers to the Digi-Center.


When Bagramon came he created a new world in-between the Earth and Digital World, called the DigiQuartz. The Digimon gained new powers, and the team began jobs as Digi-Rangers Hunters. They were given a new set of rules due to Bagramon's manipulation of the new world.

"Sky-Blue Power"

When Seraphimon and Kokuwamon disappeared. Jason later finds out they're modifying Ian's old armor to make a new Ranger, alongside with saving Gumdramon.

The team felt confused and saddened by this fact, saying that Ian should be the new Ranger. But Jason tells them even if it isn't Ian, they need help. They arrive at the Digi-Center, to meet the Sky-Blue Ranger, who turns out to be none other then Ian.

"Rangers Exposed"

Three new kids, Charlie Rock, Adam Parks and Mary Duncan coming from the neighboring city arrived in town, to compete in a competition, they win, and end up catching the eye of Bagaramon.

Stingmon captures them, and later Ian, Sonia and Jason go to rescue them, but Jason gets injured, he takes off his helmet, but Charlie, Adam and Mary end up seeing who he is.

The three are brought to the Digi-Center and swear never to tell who the Digi-Ranger really are.


When DarkKnightmon attacks the Digimon lose the power to Thunder Digivolve and are forced down to their In-Training forms. The Digi-Rangers head to go and find Samuraimon. The team is successful, and the Digimon gain the power to Ninja Digivolve, the Rangers also gain the powers of Ninja themselves.

Later all the Digimon get captured, and gain the power to Shogun Digivolve.


Not being a Zeo Digi-Ranger, he helps the Digi-Rangers out, and Veemon leaves. He is later killed and Veemon mourns his death.

Later Agumon and Guilmon team up and help Veemon defend the Digital World.