Appears In: Digimon Academy
Age: 11/16
Gender: Male
Partner(s): DenKanjimon

Jay is a main character in Digimon Academy. Jay has racing in his blood, which is why he's so fast. His mom is an Olympic runner, his dad used to hold illegal races but later opened a legitimate stream of races, and he and his brother were gear heads with motorcycles. His brother died in a crash and his dying words were "Don't get off the bike, burning rubber is in your blood". So Jay worked on his brothers bike for years. He went for a test race one day and it started to storm. Jay stopped and screamed his brothers name. A lightning bolt strick the bike and on it was Jay's D-Pod. Out of the D-Pod jumped DenKanjimon.

Apperance ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

He is half black and half japenese. He has short, spiky, black hair and bright brown eyes and usually has a smirk on his face. He wears a gray button down shirt that fits him correctly and a navy blue vest over it. The vest has silver buttons on it. He also wears basic grey pants and boots as well.

Personality ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Usually doesn't get into fights unless provoked. He is kind and cool and a complete gear head.


Digimon ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

DenKanjimon- DenKanjimon is smart and loyal to Jay and like Jay is slowly becoming a gear head.

Other Forms ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Zapkibamon- DenKanjimon's In-Training form. He becomes this form after losing a fight with Alex, Lunamon and Kudamon. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Gearkanjimon- DenKanjimon's Champion form. He first Digivolves to this form while protecting a group of bird and wind digimon from a Saberdramon during a festival honoring Jupitermon. His appearance is described as DenKanjimon with weapons and other accessories. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Digivice ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Silver and navy D-Pod

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