Jeri's Growth Spurt is a Digimon Tamers fanfic that takes place sometime after Runaway Locomon. Written by User:ChipmunkRaccoon.

One day while traveling inside the Digital World, Takato, Jeri, Henry, Kazu and Kenta go on a picnic with Guilmon, Calumon, Terriermon, Guardromon and MarineAngemon. They soon found a nice spot on a hill in a meadow right past a forest and set it up.

Meanwhile, a Floramon has created a growth forumla in a perfume bottle. As she sprayed it on a little plant, nothing happened as other Floramon continued to grow flowers in the center of the forest. Jeri went out to walk in the forest until she found the formula. Thinking it was a bottle of perfume, she sprays herself with the formula but she sprays too much of it on herself. As she returned to the picnic site, she felt different and fell asleep.

The other Tamers soon returned from playing catch with their Digimon. Upon seeing Jeri sleeping, Calumon sleeps on her feet. Half an hour later, the boys returned from playing another game of catch, when they spot a giant pair of feet in front of their picnic site as Calumon is stuck between Jeri's giant toes. Guilmon notices that it was Jeri turned into a giant, as Terriermon noticed the plants in the forest were as big as Takato.

Jeri soon woke up and noticed that her friends were tiny as Kazu and Kenta try to talk to Jeri as they find themselves stuck between her toes. Guardromon managed to pull them out as Jeri giggles knowing that she is ticklish. Jeri decided to take a walk, making earthquakes with every step she made. She stepped on a mud puddle making a giant footprint. Takato and the others decide to follow Jeri as she felt like she was in a dream.

Soon the boys run into the Floramon, who explains to them that Jeri found their growth formula and used it on herself. The other Floramon learn of a giant Digimon in the forest as the Floramon tries to create an antidote for the formula. Guilmon sees something in the forest covered in mud and uses his Pyro sphere on it. It was Jeri's giant foot in mud!

She groans in pain and jumps, making more quakes and starts crying as Guilmon apologizes for what he did. The Floramon sprays Jeri with the antidote and Jeri starts shrinking back to normal size. As Jeri continued to cry, Takato came up to comfort her as the other Tamers see a tender moment.

Afterwards, the Floramon ask the Tamers about a giant footprint as Jeri recovers and laughs as the others discover a giant pair of sandals in the picnic site as Jeri giggles, knowing that her sandals are still giant as the boys use them as a pair of gym mats.

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