Level Rookie
Type Anomaly
Attribute unknown
Family Unknown
Prior forms Jerich(0)mon(Rookie)
Next forms Jerich(0)mon(Ultimate)
Partners Joshua "Josh" A. (Refuses to reveal entire name)

Jerich(0)mon is an anomaly in the crossroad between the worlds. In his Champion form, he appears as a grey/silver Growlmon(X) with two dragonlike wings and red hair. In this form he surpasses most champion level digimon in power, and can come out victorious even when faced against Ultimate level digimon.

Hazard code

Only seconds after meeting each other, Josh and Jerich(0)mon are attacked by a Devidramon. Jerich(0)mon Digivolves to his Champion level to easily defeat the dark dragon with his Pyro spear attack.


  • Pyro Spear: Blasts a spear shaped stream of fire from his mouth.
  • Dragon Blade: Almost the same as Growlmon's Raiden Blade