Level Rookie
Type Anomaly
Attribute unknown
Family Unknown
Prior forms Cyrus???
Next forms Jerich(o)mon(Champion)
Partners Joshua "Josh" A. (Refuses to reveal entire name)

Jerich(0)mon is an anomaly in the crossroad between the worlds. In his rookie form, he appears as a grey/silver Guilmon(X). Despite his status as an anomaly, and his preference to avoid most of the other residents of the digital world, he is a goodhearted digimon who will loyally follow anyone strong enough to have him as a partner, and will protect his friends as if they were his own brothers. His name is a biblical reference to the city Jericho.

Hazard code

After Josh's return from the digiworld to reality, his time of peace is shortlived. He is sucked into a dimension that is the crossroad between the digimon world and the human world, which is a veritable hell, filled with many demon digimon. Jerich(0)mon appears before Josh as Cyrus, the form Josh took in the digital world, and attacks him. After Josh defeats Cyrus in a fight, Jerich(0)mon changes into his rookie form and reveals that he was simply testing to see if Josh would be strong enough to save the world.


  • Dragon Blast: Fires a greenish energy blast from his mouth
  • Dragon's fist: Despite the name, this attack does not involve a fist at all. Jerich(0)mon performs a flaming claw strike.