Title Mysterious Demon
Level Ultimate
Type Demon Beast Digimon?
Demon Dragon Digimon?
Attribute Unknown
Family Unknown
Nightmare Soldiers
Prior forms Devimon
* (w/ Unimon)
* (w/ Unimon)

Jerseymon is a digimon whose name and design are derived from the Jersey Devil. It's wrapped in mystery, because any Digital Researcher who tries to get near it is usually killed, or barley escape with their lives. They are a very dangerous and powerful digimon. They are considered virus digimon by most. Taming a Jerseymon is said to be impossible unless you've raised it since it was a fresh level, even then it is still extremley difficult, and raising one is even more difficult. It is unknown if it's a dragon or a beast, but all are sure it's a demon. This is why it is known as the Mysterious Demon.


  • ???: Weather you stumble across this digimon or you purposley search for it (which would be incredibly foolish) you will die with this quick attack, whatever it is.

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