Level Ultimate
Type Mutant Dragon
Attribute Vaccine
Family Dragon's Roar
Prior forms Wyvernmon
Next forms EdgeGreymon
Partners Kesedin

JetWyvernmon is the ultimate form of Wingmon. It is said that a Wyvernmon was captured and experimented on in order to make a powerful dragon assassin. During the augmentation process JetWyvernmon's wings were lost and thus he lost his ability to fly. However, he grew arms to compensate for this loss and develop greater speed and strength. He wields two curved swords for his attacks, a helmet which allows him to see clearly when he is moving at his top speed, and a small back mounted glider which provides very limited flight and extra acceleration while moving. But because of his lack of flight he was deemed a failure and was replaced by Yeagermon.


Sonic Slash:JetWyvernmon attacks with blinding speed, it is difficult to see just how many sword slashes he makes.

Dragon's Ark:JetWyvernmon channels all of his power into his two swords and then launches the energy at his opponent.