Jia Yamanuchi
(Yamanuchi Jia)
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Aoi Yūki
(En:) Eileen Stevens
Melissa Fahn (young)
Digivice(s):Lavender and Pink Power Link Digivice
Pink and Lavender Power Link Digivice
Age 13
Grade 12
Gender Female
Known relatives Hale Yamanuchi (Father)
June Yamanuchi (Mother/Deceased)
Two unnamed sisters
Three unnamed brothers
Nationality Japanese of African American and British
Occupation High School Student

Jia Yamanuchi is one of the protagonists of the Digimon Re-Digitize Wars series. She is of African-American and British descent.


Jia is a young girl with pink eyes, pale brown skin, and short blue hair who wears a sleeveless pink shirt under a pink sweatshirt and a white skirt. At school, she wears a white school uniform, pink tie, and her skirt. She also wears a pink jewelry, and green high tops.




  • Jia's hairstyle are meant to resemble cat's ears and head.
  • Jia seems to be resemble Iris from Pokemon.

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