Disclaimer: If I owned Digimon I would give Angemon a bigger role but I don’t so that won’t happen.

Joe’s wonderful life

“I’m late! I can’t believe I’m late!” Joe was running towards a restaurant , desperately trying to keep track of time. Joe was as he stated, Late for an important date with his spouse.

“How could I let the time waste?” Joe stated angrily. Joe was in a rut. His life seemed to have been sent into a downward spiral. First his son left for the DigiWorld against Joe’s will. Then he lost his part-time job at Izzy’s lab after an accident involving Izzy’s favorite computer. Finally his house was robbed. ”Why does this happen to me?” He thought to himself. He arrived at the scene flowers in hand to find a note in place of his wife.

The note read “Dearest Joe, I have waited for three hours and you failed to come. I think we should see other people. Sincerely Mimi”

The note dropped to the floor, Joe looked at his hands, “But….but…” he broke down crying.

Joe walked out sadly. He started to head home. On the way he saw a bridge. “I must end this torture here. “

He jumped.

Joe woke up in a room white as snow. “Is this heaven?” “No. This is your house.” Someone responded ”Figures. I can’t even die successfully.” Joe stood up suddenly to find an Angemon with 2 wings. ”Who are you?” “I’m Piddomon and your guardian Angemon who saved your life.” The angel responded. Joe frowned. “Why did you save me? I’m not important. Why don’t you go save people from a burning building?” Piddomon frowned. “You’re important. Without you the world would be miserable.” “I’d like to see that.” “You shall see it.” Piddomon grabs Joe and flys away. They land at File Island.

“Why’re we here?” “Look.” Piddomon points to the 7 original Digidestined excluding Joe. “I remember this. Tai and Matt where arguing whether to climb the mountain or not.”

“I say we do!” “No it’s too dangerous!” Tai pushes Matt. Matt pushes back. Fists start flying. “You punk!” “You loony!” Joe watches in amazement as his friends start a violent fist fight. “Stop! Please!” “They can’t hear you. You don’t exist remember?” Joe watches in amazement as his friends fight. “Make it stop!” “Matt don’t!” cried TK and Mimi. The 2 eventually fight towards a large cliff. “It ends here.” Matt punches Tai but misses sending him falling off the cliff. Tai grabs his hand but falls too. “Without you their to stop the fight Tai was sent into a coma while Matt became mentally handicapped.” Joe stared in amazement at his friends. “But..but…” “Come their is more.”

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