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This article details the relationships between Joe Kido and his fellow DigiDestined of Digimon Adventure/Digimon Adventure 02.


Taichi "Tai" Kamiya

Joe looks to Tai as someone who is comfortable in his role in their group, while Joe sometimes felt the opposite and thought he didn't have anywhere special in the group. But as the series continues, Joe slowly learns he is a valued member because of his maturity and his choice of being responsible for all, something Tai grows to respect. Tai relies on Joe for taking care of the others while he can't do this (Like when Joe stayed with Mimi during Puppetmon's saga), and sees him as a second leader in some moments. Their friendship is most seen in the episode "Princess Karaoke", while they're working together to get Mimi to come with them for reunion of the group, and the two communicate very well in this episode.

Yamato "Matt" Ishida

After working side by side at a restaurant Matt and Joe became great friends with a mutual respect for each other. Joe looks up to Matt greatly for his help and at one point went after him in Digimon Adventures, searching for his own path as well as Matt.

Sora Takenouchi

The two are barely seen interacting with each other, with the exception of one episode in the File Island story arc. Joe teaches Sora the art of 'mind over matter'. During the series, Joe realizes that Sora is also one of the most mature of the group, so he have been relieved when she agreed with his opinions. Joe helps Sora (along with Matt) to understand that the responsibility of saving the world is not in her shoulders, and after that they went to help Tai, Izzy and Kari to fight against Piedmon. In 02, Joe's brother (Jim in the dub, Shuu in the original version) is a student of Sora's father in Kyoto University. In this season, Sora and Joe are the ones (along with Mimi, who lives in New York and still appears more than these two) who don't show up a lot along the series (while Izzy continues to have his technique role, and Tai and Matt appear a lot mainly in order to help Davis to become a good leader and because Kari and T.K are their siblings, respectively) and have the same role like they had in the first season of supply support for everyone who needs and to be the responsible and reliable ones.

Koushiro "Izzy" Izumi

Although never explicitly stated, it is hinted at that Joe feels comfortable around Izzy Izumi; both kids are generally standoffish in that they each have their own social idiosyncrasies. In Adventure 02, the two seem to become kind of best friends, like in the Christmas episode, when Joe and Izzy sit together in Matt's concert, and after that Joe held up Izzy's laptop, or when Joe needed help to get Whamon when the younger digidestineds were stuck in off shore oil platform, he contacted Izzy. In addition, The two help Cody Hida to become a good digidestined, because of the fact he has the traits of knowledge like Izzy and reliability like Joe.

Mimi Tachikawa

According to the Digimon Adventure novels, Joe was Mimi's camp counselor prior to the series' start.

As a result, Joe is forced to take extra responsibility for Mimi and is aware that she is relying on him for well-being. He expresses frustration over her antics but accepts that his job is to take care of her, which is why he follows her when Mimi leaves the group.

This information is only considered valid within the English continuity.

During the Tachikawa's vacation in Hawaii, Joe left Mimi a heart shape present suggesting he has a romantic feeling fo her. Our War Game!

Takeru "T.K." Takaishi

Despite have being voted "The Most Likely to Chicken Out," in his school, Joe has risked his own life to save T.K. on at least two occasions. He is also one of the first to understand T.K. is able to take care of himself, and doesn't always need to rely on others.

Kari Kamiya

Joe, along with Tai takes some responsibility for Kari and feels her and T.K. are important to the group. He helps her understand that everyone finds their role and she would too.

Davis Motomiya

In the one episode that Davis and Joe interact, Joe passes on some wisdom to Davis which he seems to take to heart - more or less.

Yolei Inoue

There isn't much of a relationship between Yolei and Joe, but she certainly appreciated the donation of a hand-warmer to her in "Old Reliable."

Cody Hida

Cody and Joe share the trait of reliability. He teaches Cody about the differences between a malicious lie and a good-intentioned lie. The younger boy is shown to look up to the older boy in the few episodes that they are in together.

Ken Ichijouji

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