Joey Tomchick
(Tomchick Joey)
Appears in:Fan:Digimon X
First appearance Time to shine (10)
Partner(s):Fan:Gigimon (X)
Age 12
Date of birth June 1st
Grade 6th
Gender Male
Known relatives Grandma,Grandpa and Emily (Mom)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Student,Partner

Joey first appeared in "Time to shine" as himself in Dark Apollomon's fake future in order to beat Emily by making her see her fake future son steal about everything from pickpocketing to stealing from well guarded malls. But then her real future son came and tore apart Dark Apollomon's fake fabric of time and came with Gigimon. After saving his mom from Dark Apollomon He talks with her until it was time for him to go as Andrew and Sam had to drag him into the time gate because he wanted to talk with Emily more.

Later in the epliouge Joey appears again at the picnic waiting for his new partner digimon Gigimon, Rick and his daughter. He is seen drawing in his sketch book while he waits for them to come. Then when he puts the sketch book back in his satchel and grabbing the present it is revealed that he has the entire collection of Digi-co's manga books. He also gave one of them to his friend Sam for her birthday in the Digital World.

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