Jon Rockload
Voice actor(s):(Ja:) Tomita Kosei
(En:) Stuart Pankin
Known relatives Nana Rockload (Wife/Deceased)
Anita Kachiki-Rockload (Wife)
Den Rockload (Son)
Tina Rockload (Older Daughter)
Max Rockload (Older Son)
Brent Rockload (Father)
Bianca Rockload (Twin Sister)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation Construction Worker
Crab Fisherman
Country Singer

Jon Rockload is Den's father. He is old fashioned, depressed, unsupportive, kind, happy, proudable, and fatherly.


Jon has the appearance of an average older man. He has a bushy moustache, a thin eyebrows, and bald head. He wears either a short-sleeved light blue shirt and a black pants.



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