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Jonokyo Motomiya is the character in the Digimon Adventure 02 anime series. He owns an Davis's house and became a housekeeper and a great friend of Gennai. He knows a story of the Digital World. He also voices Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures.


Jonokyo is a uncle of Davis. He has a very stereotypical Japanese man. Jonokyo calls technology and magic, since he does understand devices such as laptops and World Wide Website. His most common magical items are a dried lizard and dried puffer fish; they both have backgrounds in Japanese remedies. He must research about Digital World. His favorite drink is lemon tea and cold water, and his favorite food is noodles, french fries, mog bean sandwich and apple. A running gag between Jonokyo and Davis is when Davis's father does something wrong and Jonokyo hits him over the head with a two-fingered strike. He has hit other characters such as Mummymon, Arukenimon, Tsumemon, Chief Officer Black, Tohru, Matt, Gabumon, police officers, Snimon, Kuwagamon, Phantomon, Daemon, Mamemon, and evil Digimon Dark Wizard Faolon Wong. Jonokyo himself was just like Jackie at the same age. apparently after he became too old for martial arts, he then studied an unknown fighting style that allowed him to knock out opponents with small jabs to the chest or neck, allowing him to knock out tough opponents like Dak Foo (utilized in "bullies").


  • "One more thing!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Do not question me!"
  • "Hot-cha!"
  • "Aiiee-yaaaahh!"
  • "Technology and magic must defeat magic!"
  • "You want a piece of me?"
  • "We must do reeea-search!"

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