Joseph Michaels
Appears in:Fan:Journey
First appearance Fan:Journey Chapter 1
Last appearance  ??
Age 17
Gender Male
Nationality Mulatto, British
Occupation Musican(On This Night)
Aliases Joe, Night

Joseph Michaels is a fictional character from Fan:Journey. He is also the unofficial leader of the journey group

Being technologically challenged, Joe is the last person you'd think to be a tamer. Then again he didn't choose it, it was thrust upon him.

Joe grew up in a small town outside London, England. His father died before he was born, so he was raised by just his mum. As he got older all his friends got into playing digimon, while he got into music. But recently he was on the net when a digivice and digitama came through the computer. It hatched into a Riffmon and his life hasn't been the same since.

Joe is generally quiet and is somewhat a loner. Deep down he is very loyal to people he excepts as friends though. He is associated with the Crest of Courage.

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