Digimon Journey is a fan fiction based around a group's role-play.
Digimon Journy RP Guild on Gaia Online


see Fan:Journey Chapters

Through different means several children ended up in the digital world. It was there that they met Yggdrasil, the God of the digital world. The God asked the children to search down and destroy a mysterious digimon that was supposedly plotting against Yggdrasil. The group found the digimon which was revealed as Regulumon. He explained that Yggdrasil was actually the enemy and wanted to corrupt the children and have them replace the Royal Knights which had been destroyed. During Regulumon's explanation they were attacked by Yggdrasil's forces and forced to flee. Before leaving they were told to search down Regulumon's brother's, SaberLeomon and BanchoLeomon who would help in the rebellion against the corrupted Yggdrasil.

(this is an ongoing story at the moment, so I will be updating frequently.


Joseph Michaels

Zack Scott

Michael Tucker

Xel Vexant

Blink Gigamo

Lana Sanalo
Partner: Zinomon

Angela Bratan Partner:Labramon

Max Bratan Partner: Dorumon and Patamon

Denis Bratan Partner:Agumon

Kim Sanchez Partner:Lopmon

Other Characters

The Digimon Leaders

Yggdrasil's Forces

Evil Tamers

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