Character from Digimon Journey. The digimon that help in the resistance against Yggdrasil. They are usually separated by area and consist of ultimate and mega level digimon.

Digimon Leaders

The Three Lions

Regulumon, SaberLeomon, and BanchoLeomon. These three are the overall leaders of the resistance.


Gigasmon is the leader of the mountain area. He is kinda a tyrant in his area and his followers consist of Gotsumon.


Cherrymon is the leader of the forest area. A kind and gentle old digimon. He is followed by Ninjamon and Kougamon who follow him very loyally.


MedievalDukemon is the leader of Witchelny. He is one of the most powerful of the digimon leaders and is followed by all the digimon in Witchelny.


GiantSubmarimon is the leader of the water area, but acts more as a transport ship. He is followed by Gomamon, who work the ship inside.

Monzaemon Monzaemon is the leader of Toy Island and is followed by ToyAgumon. He and his followers are corrupted into their dark form by Yggdrasil, but are restored by the tamers.

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