Level Mega
Type Exalted Knight
Attribute Vaccine
Family Virus Busters
Prior forms WarWarriormon

Joustmon is the mega form of Squiremon. His hands are made up of two powerful lances made from Chrome Digizoid. He possesses a variety of attacks, his signature move being Thousand Stars. In this form, he is a knight in armor, with two blue feathers on his head, one on each side.

Joustmon did not name his horse, the previous owner did. Mr. Toodles, the horse, only responds to that name.


Thousand Stars: Continuisly strikes his opponent with his lances at Mach Speed

Summoun Mr. Toodles: Summouns his steed, Mr. Toodles.

Trample: Mr. Toodles tramples his opponent.

Lance Rocket: Fires one of his lances at the opponent.

Chain Lance: Uses a chain attached to his lance like a Morning Star.

Knights Honor: Explodes, killing himself and the opponent. Uses this only as a last resort.