Title God of Gods
Level Ultra
Type God Man
Attribute Data
Family Virus Busters

Nightmare Soldiers

Nature Spirits

Dragon's Roar

Prior forms Fan:Systemon + Fan:Alphadestromon

Fan:Systemon + Shakamon's data

Fan:Alphadestromon+ Shakamon's data

Jovahmon is a god of the digital world. It has the power to control vast armies of Holy, Beast and Dragon digimon, as well as some digimon from the dark area. Its power is said to be so immense that if it were to fully unleash it all of reality could be damaged or even destroyed. It holds both the powers of destruction and creation and as such could destroy this universe and create a new one if it wished. Thankfully Jovahmon has been satisfied with the states of the digital and human worlds.


Dragon Burst: Fires a beam of dragon energy at an opponent

Beast Rush: Launches a barrage of punches and kicks charged with beast energy

Dark Crusher: Creates a gravity field of dark energy

Holy Rain: Calls bolts of holy energy down from the sky

Ultimate Destruction: Rends the fabric of space and time apart to destroy all of reality

Ultimate Creation: Creates a new big bang and shapes the new universe it creates