Jules Rodriguez
Digimon Dreams character
First appearance Digimon Dreams Chapter 01.Saving the Corona
Last appearance  ???
Created by User:Cherubimon777
Age 12
Trait Faith
Partner Coronamon

Jules Rodriguez is a fictional main character in a fanfic by User:Cherubimon777.

He never gives in, and always shows faith in other people. He fights to protect the people he cares about,and stands up for what is right. He partnered with Coronamon.

Digimon Dreams

In the first chapter of Digimon Dreams jules and the others arrive at the digital world. Once there jules find a sunmon being attacked by two vilemon. Jules protects the young digimon causing a digivice to appear in front of him which jules uses to digivolve sunmon to coronamon.Later in the series when coronamon is being defeated by Devidramon , Jules shows faith in him by not giving in , which trigers coronamon to digivolve to firamon.


Jules' partner is Sunmon.

In-Training: Sunmon
Rookie: Coronamon
Champion: Firamon
Ultimate: Flaremon (with Rainbow Crystal)
Mega: Apollomon ( Biomerge Digivolve with Jules)

Mega: Destroymon (Corrupted mega form)

Digivolution Line

Sunmon -> Coronamon

First appereance: ???

Coronamon -> Firamon

First appereance: ???

Firamon (Crystal Digivolve) -> Flaremon

First appereance: ???

Coronamon (Biomerge) -> Apollomon

First appereance: ???

Coronamon (Digivolve) -> Destroymon

First appereance: ???


Crest of faith

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