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Kamen (Justimon)
(カーメン (ジャスティモン))
Justimon (Blitz Arm) b
Appears in:Digimon Re: Story
RookieDot Agumon

Kamen is a rather flamboyant Digimon once he showcased his ability to save Enju some serious time with training. Having only needed to be degenerated once when Enju tried to change his evolutionary line progression, Kamen saved her the trouble of training him all the way back to a different Rookie Level form from Dot Agumon by proceeding to Warp Evolve into ToyAgumon. With none of the other Digimon certain as to how he had managed to quickly master the technique of Warp Evolution, which many Tamers and Digimon alike have been unable to truly figure out how to pull it off, Enju became the first Tamer who had Warp Evolved their Digimon in slightly less than a decade's time. Of the Four Holy Beasts currently assigned to serve as an Observer towards Enju, Zhuqiaomon tells Enju that her Digimon's ability to utilize Warp Evolution so quickly could not have come at a better time, due to the incident that occurred not long after Enju was promoted to a Gold Tamer. Based off of Sheriff's research, Kamen more than likely figured out how to access Warp Evolution due to his original form being a Dot Agumon, and continues to question just how potent the abilities of the "Dot" Digimon truly are...

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