The Ten Tailed Animal Digimon whose name was derived from the Mythical Deidarabotchi and Jūbi. It was the Harvester that Harvests Data from the Real World and the Digital World. It was a Rival of Fan:Yurimon.


  • Demon Beast


  • Mega

Prior Forms


  • Giga Cannon Ball (無限獣の玉,Infinite Beast Ball): Breathes a Dark and light Lazer Beam from it's mouth.
  • Inferno Gaze (ミルクシェーキ呼気, Milkshake Breath): Shoots Ice cream like Lazer from it's mouth.
  • River of Judgement (海洋の判決, Ocean's Judgement): Summons the Deadly Flash Flood to make the DigiDestined separated from the D-Tector.
  • Dark Obliteration (Zone Deleter): Draws a circle on the ground then a ball forms destroying anything in it.

Digital User



File:Juubimon Card.png

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