Kaelan Mikami
Appears in:Fan:Last_Chance_for_Redemption
Digivice(s):Light Blue, Dark Blue and Gold D-3
Age 10
Date of birth October 31st
Grade 5th
Gender Male
Height 4'1
Known relatives Tatsuya Mikami (Father)
Rin Mikami (Mother)
Yuuta Mikami (Older Brother)
Nationality Japanese
Occupation DigiDestined
Weight 63 lbs.
Aliases Cael or Scribbles

Kaelan Mikami is a fictional character created by Andrew Pottsy and is featured in many fictional media such as Roleplays and Fanfictions.

He is characterized as a cheerful, energetic, and optimistic young boy. Known also for being quite the troublemaker as well; making him hard to handle. He loves to be helpful but usually ends up being more in the way than anything else. The bearer of the crest of Loyalty, Kaelan still has to learn to put true trust in others before he can harness the power of his crest.


Kaelan is quite the handful. He's naive, immature, and had an endless amount of energy in which he tries to use for good but ends up mostly causing trouble for others. He hates feeling left out and the fact that he's, more often than not, in the way so he tries harder to be useful to others which usually ends up failing miserably regardless.

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