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Level Unknown
Type Unknown
Attribute Unknown
Family Unknown
Prior forms NeoDragoramon? (w/ UltimateChaosmon's data)

"-ERR. No data can be found on this Digimon. You may have misspelled the name, or perhaps you are trying to find a Digimon that simply doesn't exist in the records. If a new species has been discovered, please report it to DigiCentral's ClavisAngemon. If what you are seeing has no known records at all as to how it why it got there, or if it is displaying hostile behavior, please avoid contact with this Digimon until authorities arrive. Please remain calm until help arrives and avoid displaying signs of aggression or motivation for it to pursue you.-"

―Digivice Error Code on trying to DigiScan Kagudramon for information.

Kagudramon is the unofficial nickname to a "Digimon" that created itself when an incident involving UltimateChaosmon split into two halves, one of which being reborn as age immune Chaosmon, and the other being born as... this. Attempts to identify Kagudramon as any type of Digimon or even any known lifeform have failed because an in-depth study of the entity could never be performed due to the fact that, technically speaking, the Digimon researchers are trying to hunt down is not actually real. Those who actually have memories of it have gotten into constant arguments as to whether or not Kagudramon classifies as a Dragoramon-Species Digimon. On one hand, it showcases many distinct traits that NeoDragoramon would possess exclusively, but at the same time, however, also showcases traits that not a single incarnation of Dragoramon should ever have been capable of pulling off, as their original source destroyed all but himself in regards to his incarnations by absorbing them all into himself and becoming the sole remaining Dragora. However, according to Dragora himself on the matter, the creature that this entity seems to be does confuse him since technically speaking, while it can actively cause harm and interact with things, it should be so non-existent that all anybody should be capable of doing is merely being able to see it and nothing more; it is a lifeform that, by all accounts, should flat out just not exist in entirety.

While NeoDragoramon is classified as Ultra Level Digimon, nobody can confirm Kagudramon's level due to how it takes damage from attacks. Regardless of the attack used against it, the recoil it experiences could cause it to take damage as if it were a Digimon as weak as a Fresh Level, or as strong as Ultra Level. Not only that, but its own damaging abilities function the same way; it can either be completely harmless to Ultra Level Digimon, or it can be equal in strength with them to cause incredible damage. If placed into a video game, it would have not just 0 HP, but as you would attempt to increase its HP by training, it would instead turn into a negative number. As a playable Digimon, to damage it, you must hit it with attacks with the prior attack coming from a Digimon of a different Attribute than the one to have hit it afterward. For example, attacking with a Vaccine first, then a Virus next, and then a Vaccine again will correctly be capable of causing damage to it. Following this pattern, after bypassing "Shield HP", Kagudramon's real HP bar will be displayed which displays a maximum HP value for base and until the Shield HP is restored can be attacked regardless of attack order on a given set of Digimon opponents. Another way to bypass the Shield HP if you have a team consisting of all Digimon of the same attribute is to stall of Kagudramon's heavy MP usage skills, and then it'll be forced to sacrifice its Shield HP to replenish its MP to full and thus become damageable as a result.

Attempting to DigiScan this Digimon if somehow encountered via a normal Encounter will cause the Scan Data yield to register as an Ultra Level Digimon, and thus give either 5% at Gold Rank, 10% at Platinum, or 15% at Top Rank per specimen encountered. Since NeoDragoramon is impossible to acquire normally, you can simply have Chaosmon or UltimateChaosmon be used any Virus Attribute Mega or Ultra Level Dragon Digimon to acquire it through pre-existing obtained Digimon.

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